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Data Protection

Data Protection Regulations

DR.GRAF - Personalberatung (referred to hereafter as DR.GRAF) is pleased that you have visited our website and are interested in our company, our products and services. Protecting your personal data during business processing is important to us and we want you to feel secure while visiting our internet pages.

Below, we will explain which information is recorded here at DR.GRAF during your visit to our website, and how it is utilized.

Personal Data

Personal data is comprised of individual information about personal or material aspects of a given or identifiable natural person. For example, this includes information such as your correct name, address, telephone number and your date of birth. Information that is not directly related to your actual identity - such as favourite websites or the number of users of a particular page - are not included under personal data.

Surveying and Processing Personal Data

When you visit our website, our webserver will temporarily store the following information in a standard format in order to assure system security: the connecting data of the inquiring processor, our web pages that you are visiting, the date and length of your visit, the detection data of the browser being used, and the type of operating system as well as the website from where your visit originates. Any personal data beyond that (such as your name, your address, telephone number or e-mail address) is not recorded unless you voluntarily submit this information (for example, within the scope of sending the DR.GRAF Form for Contact or other DR.GRAF services).

Use of and Transferring Personal Data

We only use the personal data that you have provided for the purpose of technical administration of the website and to process your orders and wishes. Thus, as a rule, use of personal information is restricted to processing the order you have submitted or for answering your questions.

Unless you have previously given us permission, or if you have protested against such usage (to the extent that this is legally regulated), we will not make additional use of this data for product-related surveys and marketing purposes.

The passing on, selling or other transmission of personal data to third persons will not take place unless this is required in order to process an order or unless you have expressly given permission. For example, when your application-underlying present to us it may be necessary to provide our customers with your address and other information.

Use of Cookies

As a rule, we do not use cookies on our website. So-called "session-cookies" are utilized only as an exception in order to store technical session-controls in your browser. This data is not personal and is deleted at the very latest when your browser is being closed.

If we need to store personal data in a cookie as an exception, we will first ask for your express permission. Moreover, please be aware that most browsers offer a function that will manage cookies.


DR.GRAF has taken all necessary precautions, both technical and organisational, to protect your personal data from loss or misuse. Thus, your data is stored in a secure business environment which is not open to the public. In certain instances, your personal data will be encoded for transmission by the so-called Secure Socket Layer-Technology (SSL). This means that the communication between your computer and the DR.GRAF server takes place while using a recognized encoding procedure if your browser supports SSL.

If you should wish to contact DR.GRAF by e-mail, please be aware that the confidentiality of the transmitted information is not guaranteed. The content of e-mails can be seen by third persons. Therefore, we recommend that any confidential information be sent to us through the postal service.

Right of Inquiry

We will answer all written requests concerning your personal data which we have stored (e.g. name, address, etc.).


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you may contact the data protection specialist at DR.GRAF who is available with his team to handle all cases involving suggestions, complaints or requests for information.

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